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Water Drainage Correction, Storm and Rainwater Runoff Correction
In many cases rainwater drainage or landscape grading issues can cause major water problems in and around your home. First Light Landscaping can solve these problems by installing a custom rainwater drainage system.  We can also update an existing water drainage system or even change the overall grade to achieve proper rainwater drain flow to specified areas throughout your property.

The last thing you need is rainwater or melting snow pooling water on your property, and allowing water to enter your building.  Once water enters your building, it can cause thousands of dollars damage and numerous hours of anguish. Our staff understands water and rainwater drainage serving the Minnesota area for 29 years with innovative solutions to solve water and rainwater drainage problems.
Rainwater and Outdoor Water Drainage Correction To Fix Wet Basements
Rainwater drainage issues are very common in many urbanized areas and most home owners do not give this much consideration until some major event occurs. Many wet basements can be repaired from the exterior of the home through the utilization of PVC downspout piping that will not collapse or clog and through the use of French Drains and/or surface drains channeling the water or rainwater away from your structure or low lying area.

The leading indicators of rainwater drainage problems are; Standing water 24 hours after a major rain, stagnant water smell and water intrusion into the home through doors, window sills, basements, garages.  Damage can be done to the structural integrity of a building or house and interior areas of your house including carpet, walls and flooring can be damaged if not ruined. 

We will come onsite for a free estimate, to evaluate your rainwater drainage issue and provide solutions to fix your problems.  Several different types of surface & subsurface rainwater drainage systems can be implemented to correct a wide array of water problems. You let us know your rainwater drainage problem and will let you know of a guaranteed solution we can provide!
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