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Custom Rain Garden Design and Installation Service Professionals

A rain garden is a garden that helps reduce problems caused by excess water runoff during storms. Rain gardens will temporarily hold rain water that often flows from paved areas, rooftops, and lawns allowing the water to infiltrate the ground reducing erosion and absorbing excess fertilizers and other pollutants. Rain gardens are planted with a variety of native shrubs, perennials, and flowers and are usually quite beautiful. They are not ponds, wetlands or water gardens and are actually dry most of the time.

Rain gardens allow rainwater and snow-melt to seep naturally into the ground. They function to slow and reduce storm water runoff. The deep roots allow for infiltration of water, providing better percolation compared to short-rooted turf grass. Pollutants carried from runoff are collected in the rain garden and filter through the root system and the soil. Groundwater carried away from rain gardens allows for cleaner water to enter local streams.

Benefits of rain gardens include:

  • reduce flooding
  • reduce property damage from stream-bank erosion
  • improve water quality of streams
  • low-cost conservation practice
  • provide wildlife habitat
  • simple installation
  • provide an aesthetically pleasing landscape feature
rain garden
rain garden
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