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Custom Sod Removal - Proudly Serving Owatonna, MN

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Custom Sod Removal Service Professionals

A simple solution for a dry and brown backyard is to remove old sod. Unlike seeding, once the old sod is removed, and the lawn is graded and prepped for new sod. Then the lawn can be put in place without waiting. So if you have a barren or dead yard call First Light to have us remove old sod.

We start by having the lawn marked by the local electric comapny to avoid hitting any lines when we remove the sod or ahve to dig up rocks or other hard pieces. Then we bring in the sod-cutter to shave off the sod evently and till the soil so we can add proper nutrients for the new soil to take root in.

Next, is to take a rake or shovel to remove anything the tiller didn't or couldn't get. We roll up the old soil for recycling nd composting so it's not going to waste. We can then get the lawn prepped for new sod.

We level the exposed soil using rakes. If the soil is very uneven we backfill low areas and leveling the area with a water drum roller. Once the area is level, add amendments in the form of compost. Cattle or dairy-based compost is preferred to deliver proper nutrients. Evenly spread about 1/4” thick over the graded soil. Avoid leaving big piles of compost. Use the rototiller to combine the soil and compost to get a healthy mix. Go to a depth of four to six inches. Once the compost and soil is tilles and levels we are done.

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