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Custom Sod Installation - Proudly Serving Farmington, MN

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Custom Sod Installation Service Professionals

A simple solution for a barren backyard is to install sod. Unlike seeding, once the sod is planted the lawn is in place without waiting. So if you have a barren or dead yard call First Light to have us install a new sod yard to bring your yard back to life.

We start by tilling the lawn and making it level. The final finish level will be approximately one inch below sidewalks, sprinkler heads, etc. (Below the level desired for the final grass lawn). Also, the soil should be moist. This is best accomplished by watering a day or two before installation. You want the soil to be moist but firm. Before we start to lay your sod, we will take a rake (or drag for larger areas) and rake the top soil with a final leveling action. This does two things. First, it levels out any small unevenness missed by your final grade in the preparation steps. Secondly, it creates loose soil particles that your new roots can more firmly compress into when you lay your sod.

Next, is to lay your sod on the newly prepared lawn area. Generally, it is best to start laying sod along a straight line such as a sidewalk, driveway or even the side of a flowerbed along your house, but we'll keep each row staggered so that the joints are at different locations than the adjoining row. Once we've completed laying your sod lawn, we roll your sod with a lawn roller. The roller causes the roots of the sod to make firm contact with the new soil under the sod. This allows for faster "knitting" of your roots into its new soil home. Water the lawn area you have planted as on a regular basis - usually daily for newly sodded lawns unless rain is occurring. After the first week, start stretching out the time between watering so that the roots will grow downward toward the soil moisture. All that is left is to wait and mow your new sod lawn for the first time in about three weeks.

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